To clear up any possible confusion, I'm keeping my maiden name [Bridges] strictly for creative purposes only.

I am 40 years old, living in northern California, with my husband and our adorably crazy Australian shepherd (Piper) and grumpy old woman of a chihuahua (Mocha).   I am originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, but I moved here in July of 2009, initially to pursue visual effects in film.  I became seriously interested in graphic design in 2004 when I started up my own forum and had the desire to design it myself. My design knowledge has been self-taught, through online tutorials and other resources that I have used for reference, and then given my own style. Those early adventures in design have been the building blocks of the artist that I am today. I am very diligent and focused when it comes to my art and I have the tendency to become lost in the project, not stopping until it is finished.

As for my photography, it's difficult to put a specific label on the type of photography that I produce, due to the fact that so many things catch my photographic eye.  You will see a wide variety of subjects in my photos, such as flowers, animals, landscapes, the weather, or just the beauty of nature in itself.  I love capturing the world around me, as I see it... and transforming that into a work of art.

My educational background includes attendance at the University of Central Oklahoma from 2003-2005, taking care of the core classes needed, as I was undecided on a major at the time. After moving to Texas, I then attended the University of Texas @ Arlington from 2007-2009, declaring my major of Visual Communications within the Fine Arts department in Spring 2008. However, it turned out that their art program was not heading in the same direction that I was, so I decided to pursue other options.  

When I'm not immersed in Photoshop or my camera, I can usually be found reading, writing, playing video games, watching movies, listening to music (preferably some form of rockusually indie, alternative or Southern), cycling, or [spontaneously] traveling.




 Eyes of Wonder -- My Photoblog

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